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Are you a Businessman.!?

Success in entrepreneurship isn’t just about your idea or your money. Plenty of people have interesting ideas or a lot of cash to throw around and they never manage to find success in their ventures. Continuous changes in the industry has affected the life span of business these days. The critical factor is “tremendous competition”. even though the volume is high the business never becomes profitable. After investing a huge amount for infrastructure the
industry itself vanishes even before attaining break. “Casac Benjali’s Business Chanakya” makes you learn and implement strategies to manage this uncertain scenario of the market. This Programme help entrepreneurs break all the barriers that are holding them back and help focus on the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

This One Year Course is the best solution for those who require a clear plan and strategies to excel in their business. The training sessions cover the aspects such as, how to manage an inconsistent and low productive human resource and transform them into a winning team.

Business Chanakya teaches you to overcome all the challenges in your business by analyzing all the aspects such as, product, prospect, finance, market etc. This programme helps you create Blue Ocean by using all competitive advantages. This session transforms your business from loss to profit within a short span of time by making you learn and implement successful strategies.

Business Chanakya helps you create an entrepreneur mind set and leadership skill which will be an added advantage for you to manage your winning team and implement your strategies. Everything related to business will be covered in This one-year offline and online programme to make a normal businessman a successful one.

As we all know Harvard University is one of the best Business Schools in the world and Business Chanakya is the only online course that follows the same Syllabus as Harvard. The Success Strategist and Business Coach Casac Benjali aim to share his knowledge with the budding and struggling entrepreneurs as well for their support and encouragement. Hence he accomplishes his motive to serve society.


  1. How to Plan your business?
  2. How to implement your business ideas?
  3. How to increase sales?
  4. How to marginalize Business?
  5. How to create a blue ocean?
  6. Marketing strategies
  7. Costing and Budgeting
  8. Business Model
  9. Cash Flow Management
  10. Product Ideas
  11. Competitive advantage
  12. Market Research etc.
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