Through Casac Benjali's sales training courses, you'll learn to generate more leads, resulting in increased sales performance. That’s because we understand how enduring relationships lead to loyalty, which creates a lucrative sales pipeline - and that ultimately catapults you over your goals.
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This 8-Week intensive sales course will give you the essentials to be a wealthiest Salesman

It could be a result of today’s savvy consumers, but just as likely, it’s your outdated techniques. As the modern consumer has learned how to block out sales, new sales training and techniques have emerged. The good news is we can help create the salespeople of today and tomorrow.

High-performing sales people build relationships that lead to sales.

Million Dollar Salesman training course will help you:

Build better relationships with leads

Identify a prospect’s unmet needs

Create loyalty with your existing customers

Better convert leads and prospects to sales

By the end of this training you will learn several sales necessary tools that are essential to becoming a high-performer in sales. These tools are based around the foundation of knowledge, skill and discipline. Each tool makes up the Sales Toolkit, which is a living document to guide you through each and every step of the sales process.

This program introduces the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling, and the key selling skills your team needs to become top performers.

Million Dollar Salesman modules include:

Introduction to Million Dollar Salesman

Leading a Thorough Needs Discovery

Making the Impact

Overcoming Objections

Mini-Stories that Sell

The Buyer Change Blueprint

Communicating with Different Personalities

Keys to Qualifying the Sale

Keys to Influence and Persuasion in Sales

The Power of Trust in Selling

Founder and Director

Casac Benjali

Casac Benjali is a passionate self-driven Success Strategist, Business Coach, Mind Expert, Spiritual Trainer, Author and Entrepreneur. He guides everyone to take out their peak potential with his vast knowledge and incredible skills, and helps to achieve their goal easily and change their life. He helps Humans to find their real purpose and to discover their full potential through seminars, training and personal coaching. Entrepreneurs are served by him with the required tactics and strategies. People transform their business to next level with his tremendous training and guidance.

Course Structure And Fee Details

One year Live Practical training and mentoring for Personal and Business Life with Casac Benjali.