Daily live life changing session with Casac Benjali and super transforming Community. One year Live Practical training and mentoring for Personal and Business Life with Casac Benjali.
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It is essential that the mind of the entrepreneur is always positive for the great growth of the business. If you want to make your mind more positive and energized with the help of a mentor every morning, you can take your business to a hundredfold height in a year. The growth and development of your business depends on your mental alertness and your daily habit‌.

Daily live training sessions of a Personal Mentor for a full year.

Training for happy life, financial upliftment and business success.

Practical training that will help you to grow your business to a million dollar business.

CASAC BENJALI, an experienced business coach, will be with you for a full year giving you the guidance you need to transform your life into super success.

Are you ready to live your BEST LIFE in 2022 with Casac Benjali?
  • Live Sessions on everyday morning from 4-30am to 5-30am –
    (Indian Batch) UAE Time – 5.30am to 6.30am (GCC Batch)
  • Practical training will transform you mentally, physically and
    financially to grow your business to 100 crore
Every day a businessman is in a different mood and has to go through different types of negativity including stress, sadness, frustration and fear. This training helps you to get out of all your business pressures and focus on business with more enthusiasm and grow your business by acquiring new business skills.


How to increase sales skill

How to improve negotiation skills

How to enhance readership quality

How to enhance your Focus

How to create Success Mindset

Good habits to be a successful entrepreneur

Meditation, Affirmation, Hypnotherapy

Founder and Director

Casac Benjali

Casac Benjali is a passionate self-driven Success Strategist, Business Coach, Mind Expert, Spiritual Trainer, Author and Entrepreneur. He guides everyone to take out their peak potential with his vast knowledge and incredible skills, and helps to achieve their goal easily and change their life. He helps Humans to find their real purpose and to discover their full potential through seminars, training and personal coaching. Entrepreneurs are served by him with the required tactics and strategies. People transform their business to next level with his tremendous training and guidance.

Course Structure And Fee Details

One year Live Practical training and mentoring for Personal and Business Life with Casac Benjali.